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I’m Bill SebaldSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant, ex-big agency guy, web-designer, blogger, Tweeter, songwriter, Meetup organizer, video game addict, photographer, Photoshop junkie, Philadelphia Eagles fan, and beer snob. I live in the Philadelphia area (bouncing around a lot between Bucks County, Montgomery County, Berks County, and Lehigh Valley).  You can reach me at or the networks below my picture on the left.

I’ve helped bring SEO to brands like GNC, Ace Hardware, NFL, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Toys R Us, and many more.  I led the SEO agency channel at GSI Commerce (now eBay Enterprises) in 2007.  Today I run Greenlane Search Marketing, LLC.  I do a lot of thinking (and writing) about web marketing, mostly in SEO, since the guerrilla days of internet marketing. I’m a self-proclaimed searchaholic. For some reason, search engines fascinate me.  I’ve been into SEO for almost two decades, starting more as a technical SEO and eventually getting into the marketing side.  I love the big picture stuff.

I look at SEO very much through a strategic “marketing” lens.  As search engines grow smarter, so should SEO marketing. At their core, a search engine is not just about discovering relevance, but about total value and satisfying the intent of a question or need. Today, I firmly believe that SEO (and all of inbound marketing) is the act of helping to provide these answers, and promoting a company’s values. We must incorporate the social computing space, offline channels, and any media where interested groups of searchers exist.
Bill Sebald
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