About Bill Sebald

I’m Bill SebaldSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant, ex-big agency guy, web-designer, blogger, Tweeter, songwriter, video game addict, photographer, Photoshop junkie, Philadelphia Eagles fan, and beer snob. I live in the Philadelphia area (bouncing around a lot between Bucks County, Montgomery County, Berks County, and Lehigh Valley).  You can reach me at bill@greenlaneseo.com or the networks below my picture on the left.

I’ve helped bring SEO to brands like GNC, Ace Hardware, NFL, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Toys R Us, and many more.  I led the SEO agency channel at GSI Commerce (now eBay Enterprises) in 2007.  Today I run Greenlane Search Marketing, LLC.  I do a lot of thinking (and writing) about web marketing, mostly in SEO, since the guerrilla days of internet marketing. I’m a self-proclaimed searchaholic. For some reason, search engines fascinate me.  I’ve been into SEO for almost two decades, starting more as a technical SEO and eventually getting into the marketing side.  I love the big picture stuff.

I look at SEO very much through a strategic “marketing” lens.  As search engines grow smarter, so should SEO marketing. At their core, a search engine is not just about discovering relevance, but about total value and satisfying the intent of a question or need. Today, I firmly believe that SEO (and all of inbound marketing) is the act of helping to provide these answers, and promoting a company’s values. We must incorporate the social computing space, offline channels, and any media where interested groups of searchers exist.