About Jonathon Knepper

I’m Jonathon Knepper – digital strategist, efficiency nerd, tech nut, hot sauce fanatic, and lover of great eats. I also have an insatiable hunger for knowledge, culture and travel. I live in the Pocono region of northeast Pennsylvania with my wonderful 5 year old daughter Mea. You can reach me at jon@greenlaneseo.com or the networks below my picture on the left.

When I was 15, I fell into the digital world due to my involvement in extreme sports on a nationally competitive level. Building digital relationships, leveraging social proof, ecommerce, and above all, adding value online became a part of my daily routine.

Since, I’ve filled a number of rolls – market researcher, search engine optimization consultant, community manager, content director of a tech news blog, project manager, account manager, etc. I think I’m different from the overwhelming majority of consultants because my intimate relationship with the web and varied experience allows me to view digital strategy in a multi-dimensional way.

All of this Internet marketing and strategy stuff isn’t taking place in a bubble, but in the real world – YOUR real world. Because of that there are many variables to keep in mind as well as spill over benefits (and costs) that happen based on every action and reaction.