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I’m Michael Ferrari. I know what you’re thinking and you’re right: I do have a really awesome last name. That said, I’m actually a lot more than just a rockin’ last name; I’m also an internet marketer, book author, graphic designer, content writer, web developer, dog lover, comics nerd, beer fanatic and many other two-word descriptions too numerous to name here. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs with my beautiful wife and my awesome dog.

I fell in love with SEO and Internet marketing a few years ago when I found out that it’s fueled by one of my favorite things in the world: content creation. Because I have a long and varied background working in a variety of content creation roles– web editor, journalist, web designer, public relations writer, to name a few–figuring out how best to use content to engage with others has always been second nature to me. That, coupled with my love for all things digital has made working in the SEO/Internet marketing business a very natural and rewarding fit.

But SEO and Internet marketing is about much more than just content and keywords and so on. It’s about creating an experience that will make your website and your business stand out from the herd and truly bring value to potential customers. This is why I love helping people figure out an online marketing strategy for their business. It’s challenging, yes, but it forces creativity and unorthodox thinking, which can yield amazing results for anybody willing to invest in a great online presence!

If you ever want to reach out to me, feel free to contact me at Michael@greenlaneseo.com or any of the social networks below my picture.

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Michael Ferrari

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