Our definition: B2B SEO tends to be more difficult (compared to B2C), as the searcher pool is usually smaller.  Though the sales cycle is typically longer, B2B marketing doesn’t have as large an audience as most B2C companies, and must really be attentive (and reflective) of their niche.  B2B products and services are usually more complex, with many values that are not initially apparent. B2B marketers know to be more persuasive, clear, and sensitive of a busy prospects’ time.

B2B SEO helps create campaigns that are more tied to the selling propositions by helping to be found for the details that are routinely searched by prospects. Vagueness is optimized (and exchanged) for articulated service and product values.  SEO should always improve other aspects of your marketing and help you meet your goals across all channels; this is paramount in B2B SEO.

Greenlane Search Marketing works with many B2B clients.  The founders of Greenlane worked in-house as the marketing team for a leading B2B food and beverage company, running SEO and analytics, and all the other inbound marketing strategies.


We are a Philadelphia SEO Company focusing on SEO, inbound marketing, strategy, and analytics.  Every partner is different, and receives a different strategy to meet their goals. Speak with us about how we may be able to help you achieve your business goals.

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