Our definition: B2C SEO focuses on drawing in consumer who are looking for your product or services, usually through a transactional search (but never to limit informational or navigational searches).  Typically a B2C SEO strategy begins with understanding the customers’ needs by correlating with analytics data and other known aspects of the customer.  Next, the goals of the company are identified.  The result is a strategy that connects the dots.

B2C SEO is largely focused on understanding attribution and the customer’s journey.  Where do they go before they search for you?  What stage are they in when they perform the search?  It’s more than just rankings – it’s understanding what the customer has done before the search, and what they need to see after the search.

From eCommerce to service providers, Greenlane Search Marketing, LLC has worked with major retailers.  Strategies need to be written around B2C, unique to B2B campaigns.  For that reason, Greenlane takes an iterative approach to SEO.  New strategies are developed monthly.  It is never one-size-fits-all.


We are a Philadelphia SEO Company focusing on SEO, inbound marketing, strategy, and analytics.  Every partner is different, and receives a different strategy to meet your goals. Speak with us about how we may be able to help you achieve your business goals.

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