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Bad Pizza and Good Social Marketing

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I’m fascinated with Domino’s new campaign. The Crispin Porter & Bogusky backed push confronts – in an entirely public forum – their customer’s disdain for Domino’s Pizza. Brave move. Most companies who spend the time to learn what customers are saying, tend to keep this under wraps. Emails marked “confidential” start flying! But Domino’s are attempting to use it to their advantage.

This is a very social media thing to do. I think you should be doing this in the social world. It is, after all, still marketing.

The new world media gives businesses a face (if you didn’t create a face for your business in 2009, you’re already a year behind). This year I truly believe it’s about practicing your communication skills. When you’re writing your emails to your friends and colleagues, think about whether you can share it with your consumers. Does what you’re saying feed into the big picture? It’s probably valuable enough to have inspired you to write it – so should you share it? Possibly. That’s what your social consumers want from you anyway. They want to know how you feel about a market trend. They want to know if you have a plan. They want to know, well, if you realize your pizza sucks.



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    1. BetterRetail
      February 20, 2010

      Good post Bill!


    2. BetterRetail
      February 20, 2010

      Good post Bill!