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TMZ Has Spammy URLs

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When Corey Haim died a few days, TMZ put up a page with a pretty spammy URL:

Dead, died, and death? Corey Feldman? Really???

Maybe it’s an overzealous SEO or overzealous logic in the CMS, but this is pretty much straight against Google guidelines (if it were a title tag I think it would get more of a flag). But my question is, will Google penalize TMZ? They’re a pretty big property. And yes, Google has penalized – even banned – big properties before, but usually for shadier practices. Does Google’s algorithm have a way of forgiving this spam because of the popularity of TMZ? Personally I think so. But what kind of message does this send? If TMZ gets away with it, then I think other webmasters will try.

Unfair for those who follow the rules.

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    1. Wheeler
      May 15, 2010

      They have done this for a while


    2. Wheeler
      May 15, 2010

      They have done this for a while