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Quality Deserves Freshness, The Sequel

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I remember the Quality Deserves Freshness algorithm over a year ago.  This update allowed fresher content to have a better chance at ranking.  For example, if you’re looking for information on SMX East, you’d want to be served the 2011 conference… not the 2010 conference.

Well sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.  Like many people, we were directed to the 2010 SMX East page in September.

It makes sense that Google would reintroduce this now following so many Panda updates.  It says to white hats, “go forth and write more. We appreciate it.”  It says to black hats, “don’t quickly write crap as a spam tactic.  Panda will get you.”  Whether that’s true or not, I’m sure the timing of this update was by design.

The potential issue with this in my mind is how domain authority may play into it.  Is this a factor that will weigh higher with big websites (high domain authority), of which usually has a higher budget to be able to hire writers to crank out new content more regularly?  I still like the old feeling of natural search being a ground where small guys are on a level playing field with the rich dudes.

Official Google announcement here.

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