The Crucial SEO Importance of HTTP Headers

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If you’re not checking your client’s HTTP headers, you’re not giving them good service. I’m not talking about the stuff in between the and tags, either. I’m talking about the server response that you get before you get all that nice HTML, or that fancy PDF, or whatever else your client’s website is slinging. That’s because, well, your client’s website isn’t slinging anything. It’s being slung by a server, and the server’s HTTP response is the first thing a web browser – or a web robot like Google’s crawler – will see.

What Journalists Really Think of Your Linkbuilding Tactics

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Whenever I’m working on a linkbuilding campaign for a client, I’m always trying to think of it from a journalist perspective. I worked at The Daily Collegian, Penn State’s student newspaper, when I was in college, and constantly proofreading my colleague’s work for spelling and grammar errors isn’t the only thing that’s stuck with me. Lucky for me, I know people who remained in the industry who I could pester with my questions. And even luckier, they happen to be my best friends.

SEO Opportunity Analysis – Choose Your Own Adventure

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SEO is hard work. Pitching it to prospective clients shouldn’t be. To support our pitching process, sometimes we’ll generate an SEO opportunity analysis following our introduction call. It’s a great sales tool, but an even better tool for understanding if the client is a good fit (and vice-versa). The following “Choose Your Own Adventure” is for those who need to get buy-in from someone else in order to go after the SEO work that they want.

3 Opportunities Pandora Isn’t Taking Advantage of to Leverage Their Big Brand Cred

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Imagine you’re the new agency, SEO lead, or even junior level assistant for a huge brand. You know, the kind of household brand name people know. The kind of company you read about in college or in case studies for their wicked brand recognition, reach, and authority metrics. Cool feeling, right? I remember that feeling from working with my first big client and I still get it today, seven years later. But what I don’t remember were any college courses that discussed marketing at scale. In fact, this topic still isn’t getting the blog playback that it should.

34 Great Beginner SEO Questions and Answers

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On January 15, 2016, I helped lead an intro to SEO session for the brilliant students of Drexel University in Philadelphia in their New Media Marketing class (led by Jed Singer of Socialight Media and Professor Lawrence Duke). Joining me was the incredible Emma Still from Seer Interactive.

Google News mobile AMP

Google News Mobile Launches AMP Carousel For Headlines

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If you checked Google News on mobile today, depending on your device and location, you may have seen a pretty massive change: headlines are now contained in an AMP carousel. This is a huge change, as previously, all news stories were in a neat list. Now, we’ve got images front and center, with way less stories above the fold.


The Big Three: Reverse Image Search Tools Compared

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If you’ve ever seen the show Catfish then you know all about Google’s reverse image search. What you may not know is that Google isn’t the only reverse image search tool when it comes to finding rogue images online.


How to get your WordPress site on AMP and Facebook Instant in 15 minutes.

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You’ve probably seen it by now. Articles in Google search sometimes come with a fancy carousel at the top of the mobile results page, with a nifty little AMP icon. On some Facebook articles in your mobile feed, you’ll notice a tag denoting that they’re “instant”.

Initial Organic Search Impacts from Google’s Right Rail Ad Removal

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Google announced that they were changing the presentation of paid search ads by removing those in the right rail. As part of this shift, there would typically be three, sometimes four, ads above the organic search results, with another three ads below the organic results.

Our New AMP Timeline and Resource Page

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AMP items are flying fast and furiously. Since AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) has a lot of new turns coming down the pike, and because we wanted to track them internally at Greenlane, we put together an AMP timeline. Then we thought, “why not open it for everyone?”

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