AMP Tags in Mobile SERPs are now Live

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Are you AMP’ed? It looks like Google is rolling out AMP tags in mobile SERPs. We’ve confirmed that informational searches are starting to return pages with a new special AMP designation, complete with an AMP logo that really causes the result to stick out.

SEMrush’in Around Recap

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If you’re working in the SEO industry, you probably know about SEMrush, keyword research and competitor analysis tool that offers numerous useful features. Our very own Sean Malseed is pretty familiar with the tool since he used to work at SEMrush as Director of Strategic Development, and he recently gave a Knowledge Share focusing on three of its most useful features: Domain vs. Domain, ranking history tools, and filters. Here’s an SEMrush review and the key takeaways from his presentation!

How to Engage Your Audience Using the Skyscraper Technique

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The Skyscraper Technique is used to engage your audience with presumably the most relevant, complete and comprehensive piece of content on a given topic. The concept describes writing a piece content on a topic that’s significantly better than anything on the web – putting together research and data from prestigious sources and giving valuable inputs in the industry.

Schedule your Screaming Frog crawls with Punctual Frog

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Here at Greenlane, we’ve even got a dedicated crawling computer (named R2D2!) with a super-pumped-up install of Screaming Frog that can go as fast and hard as an IT team lets us. And they often tell us to have at it… when the site isn’t busy. Which is usually like 4:30 in the morning on Sunday. Which really interferes with my long-standing whiskey and sleeping plans. So in order to preserve our sanity, we built a way to schedule crawls automatically: Punctual Frog.

What Google’s Page speed Insights Just Isn’t Telling You (and How to Get Better Results)

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Site speed has been a huge factor these last few years and we have seen the ramifications of a slow site. Many SEOs have relied on Google Pagespeed Insights to gauge our site’s performance, but I believe we shouldn’t just rely on Google’s tool for the whole picture on site speed.

How to Convince Your Crawler to Crawl an Uncrawlable AJAX Site

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Have you ever been tasked to audit a website, only to run it through your crawler and find that the site consists of a single page? That was exactly what we ran into recently with one of our client websites. The client’s site was robust to say the least, so when good ol’ Screaming Frog returned just 5 URLs we knew that something was wrong. It turned out that our client’s site was built in Ajax!

SEO and Content Strategies to Create a Better Event

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Social media is changing the way events are planned and run, giving new insights into your audience and expanding your reach more than was even thought to be possible. But when the event ends and the guests return to their normal lives, what tactics beyond social media can you use to keep the relationship with those customers and build an even stronger brand?

iOS 9 Q&A: 3 Ways iOS 9 Is Impacting Site Owners

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During the middle of last month Apple released their latest mobile operating system update. While iOS9 boasts a number of features designed to improve usability, there are some takeaways that are shaking up things for site owners and Internet marketing folks. Let’s dive into each area a little bit more.

Prospect Smarter: When Search Modifiers Fail You

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When you’re prospecting for hours and hours, you can only use site modifiers for so long. Let social media help you with your work – rather than distract you. Friend or Follow is a site that tells you information about your personal Twitter account, specifically by “giving you the ability to quickly and easily sort, filter, follow, and unfollow your contacts.” Basically, it’s a way to see who has unfollowed you on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. That person you went to college with and are only following out of guilt? The coworker from your last job who you despised? Friend or Follow gives you a guilt-free out to unfollow those people who are clogging up your feed.

A Link Building Tactic (On The Back Of Brand Equity)

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Over the last few years, SEOs have been talking about relationship building as a concept. We’re often reminded how link building is becoming digital PR. And with that, I’ve been pitched more and more by big brands looking for a collaboration of sorts, using a different spin. Note: This is not new by any stretch, but I’m writing about it because it seems to be a current trend.

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