Outdated Content FinderOutdated Content Finder  V1.2

To read our blog post about this tool, click here.

V1.2 is live. Mozscape data, calendar selector, and sortable columns.

Exclusive thanks to Mike Angstadt for the coding brilliance.

This tool will search by the dates Google attributes to discovery. There is a strong likelihood that the results this tool provides are in sync with the actual publish date of the article. It accepts any advanced operators you can use on Google, for example:
  • • "top 5 apps" inurl:technology
  • • “guest post” online usability (site:*.com OR site:*.net OR site:*.org)
The Outdated Content Finder will display 8 results at a time. To see the next 8, just click "next 8". See problems or have questions or requests? Email bill@greenlaneseo.com

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