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Meet Our Team

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Bill Keith Michael Jon
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Greenlane is SEO + Strategy + Analytics + Interactive Marketing.  With almost a decade of working together, through every inbound marketing channel, GSM is positioned to be much more than your regular SEO consultants.  At our core, we’re what you would expect from a boutique agency – a specialized group of seasoned digital marketers, both in B2C and B2B. We believe search engines are the core of inbound marketing, with other marketing channels plugged in. From email to display to social to affiliate, they all have something in common with SEO.

Greenlane Search Marketing LLC is a seven person shop, and started as a collaboration between Bill Sebald and Keith Urban, with help from several industry talents, focusing on search marketing (SEO and PPC), analytics, and strategy for lead generation and ecommerce. We saw SEO changing and realized smaller and medium sized companies needed to focus on more than just keyword and link tactics to compete.  Google wants more.  They are responding to brand building and marketing.  We believe the SMB sector could provide more.

We bring big brand (and big agency) experience to our company.  We have been developing and executing marketing initiatives on the web for e-commerce, multi-channel business, entertainment websites (online magazines, musician/artist sites), software, real-estate, and brand sites. Through this time we have been consulting, working on-staff, or within an agency setting. We have a strong reputation in the SEO industry as thought leaders and curators of search marketing content.  We have optimized, supported, and/or consulted on sites from small business to Fortune 500; this includes Mattel, Sports Authority, GNC, Ace Hardware, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Flavia Coffee, Dockers, Levis, Petsmart, Sony Music, Calvin Klein Underwear, and The Art Institute.  See our experience.


Bill SebaldBill Sebald – Leads SEO and Content Marketing Department
Bill was the Director of SEO for GSI Commerce’s digital agency TrueAction (later bought by eBay), where he pioneered the SEO program, managing and supporting over 20 clients and driving high revenue for ecommerce clients.  Bill also helped build SEO tools for the country’s largest ecommerce platform, still used by nearly 80 of the world’s largest ecommerce brands.  In addition to GSI, he began Greenlane Search Marketing (in 2007) helping clients of all sizes achieve their SEO goals.  Before the company’s formal launch, Bill developed websites, taught Photoshop, and ran his own successful ecommerce and music website for 6 years. Bill has been a blogger in the SEO space, writing at the Greenlane SEO blog, as well as contributing to Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Moz, Technically Philly, and Social Media Smart Brief.

Keith UrbanKeith Urban – Leads Strategy and Analytics Department
Keith led Marketing Analytics at TrueAction where he spearheaded the implementation of a major analytics platform across over sixty large brands. Additionally he performed analyses to optimize all the major digital channels for a subset of those brands.  Living in the data, Keith drives the strategic planning for Greenlane clients. Focusing on ROI and organizing high volumes of data, Keith is uniquely skilled at discovering opportunity in the data and optimizing tracking and conversion issues.

We Are All Marketers

In the past, deconstructing a search engine algorithm was simpler, and allowed those in the know to mechanically tweak a page and appear higher in the rankings.  Engines have since monitored SEO tactics and built algorithm updates around them. Thus, out-of-the-box SEO solutions or black-hat tactics have very little impact.  We built our practice around the big ideas that we believe are more valuable than these traditional tactics. We consider SEO to be a marketing channel.  The items we help your company build are in step with online marketing. From digital PR to local content strategies, these are all based on the principles of marketing.  We want to influence your visitors and Google alike.

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