Once, SEOs thought of text as a way to rank better in search engines.  When engines had a sixth grade reading comprehension, SEOs – mostly technical back then – found it easy to use words to improve rank.

It’s a new era of context.

Today search engines are understanding more of the content. Spinning and rewriting words don’t have the ranking power they once had.  Now search engines are focusing on gifting the websites who have authoritative, well-respected, popular content with better rankings. Content strategy is a domain where copywriters, and those in the PR industry, have always been active.  Today it makes sense to move SEO into that domain.

Content strategy isn’t necessarily a blog. It isn’t simply just words on a page.  Content strategy is as much branding as it is authority building. “Build it and they will come,” is not enough.  Today you have to understand what will be a hit, and build the right content for your audience.  This is where user data comes in.

We help you develop content strategies, from video to text to images to multimedia.  Earn shares, backlinks, authorship, and referral traffic that not only improves your search engine trust, but converts.

Consider It Digital PR With SEO Plugged In

We like to think of it as digital PR with an eye to search engine influence.  Win the interest of algorithms while writing for your visitors or customers.