SEO Pricing

We believe in being as transparent as possible, not just in the work we provide, but up front with our pricing model. We are also very interested in creating valuable, long-lasting partnerships. We hope you’ll find that a breath of fresh air if you’ve already been researching search marketing firms.

More than just SEO tactics, choose us and get SEO and inbound marketing strategic partners!

Option 1 (Full Engagement)

SEO Engagement Cost: $4,000 per month

For the company with serious goals!  This includes 32 hours of SEO time, reporting, calls – our full strategic commitment to your goals.  We will integrate with your business and be members of your team.  If it’s part of SEO or inbound marketing, we will bring it to life. Labor, strategy, and all the rest of our analytics, inbound marketing, and SEO experience.

Option 2 (Half Engagement)

SEO Engagement Cost: $2,500 per month

This is a lighter version of our main offering (above). This includes 20 hours of everything above.

Option 3 (Strategic Consulting)

SEO Engagement Cost: $1,500 per month

For the company that needs a little help getting over the hump. We offer 12 hours (max) of SEO and inbound marketing strategy, and consult on technical, contextual and authority building on your website. We offer keyword research with this package, and work with your team on the remaining SEO challenges. Less with labor, more with the bigger strategies and experience.

PPC Management

SEO Engagement Cost: TBD

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are priced based on need. They can be managed with or without an SEO engagement. Contact us for more information.

We take an iterative, agile approach to SEO.  Each month we will review your business needs and goals (with Option 1 and 2), and create a new monthly project plan, while updating previous projects accordingly.  This will assure the most impactful campaigns are being performed at all times.

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