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Published: 05.25.16

Written by: Megan Stubblebine

Many members of the Greenlane team are commuters. Traveling thirty minutes or more to the office has created avid podcast listeners out of many of us looking to make the most of our time spent stuck behind the wheel.

Keeping true to our “Always Keep Learning” spirit, we’ve internally listed out a few of our favorite podcast episodes. Some are marketing related, and some simply inspire the mind.

I thought it might be a good to share this on the blog so you can find some new sources of audible digital marketing information. Let us help optimize your listening time.



Get ready to expand your thoughts beyond what you previously thought possible. Believe it or not, this is not based on a science fiction novel.

Reviewed by: Nicole Hess

Episode: Our computers, Ourselves.

Can be found at: http://www.npr.org/programs/invisibilia

Length: 59min

Audience: General Interest

Why should I listen to this episode?” When’s the last time you heard an interview of a cyborg?”

What have you learned: “This episode has broadened my perspective of how humans are entangling with computers, and that a cyborg almost got a PhD from MIT!”

What was missing? Nothing, you just have to wait for new episodes. This runs in series.

Actionable recommendations: 2 of 5

Personal inspiration: 5 of 5.


Dear Sugar Radio


With all the talk of politics everyone you go, including your own home it is no wonder that this podcast episode is gracing our list of must listen to’s!

Reviewed by: Jen Lewis

Episode: When Politics Is Personal: Friends & Family.

Can be found at: http://www.wbur.org/2016/05/13/dear-sugar-episode-fifty-four

Length: 41min

Audience: General Interest

Why should I listen to this episode? “With social media playing so much into politics lately, it’s interesting to hear a firsthand account of how the annoyances on social media impact others’ lives. From the synopsis: “In Part 1, the Sugars look at how politics can get in between our relationships with friends and family—whether it be our parents voting for a candidate we despise, or our friends sharing views we find abhorrent on social media. And sometimes political divisions can actually sever these important relationships, as in the case of a letter writer whom the Sugars bring on to tell her own story.” Tiny Beautiful Things (a summary of Dear Sugar letters) is one of my all-time favorite books, so this podcast always makes me feel good and helps me unwind on the drive home from work.”

What have you learned? “The Dear Sugar podcasts for me, aren’t so much about learning but bringing up unique points of conversation and a new perspective.”

What was missing?: I always would love to hear more questions!

Actionable recommendations: 3 of 5

Personal inspiration: 4 of 5

Podcatcher: Overcast

Experts on the Wire


Maybe you’re asking: where’s the SEO? Well look no further then this episode geared towards advanced SEO including technical SEO obstacles.

Reviewed by: Jonathon Knepper

Episode: AJ Kohn on SEO Rankings & 5 Foot Web Design – Episode 002

Can be found at: http://www.evolvingseo.com/2016/03/17/002-aj-kohn-rankings-seo-pyschology-five-foot-web-design/

Length: 59min

Audience: Advanced SEO

What have you learned? “technical seo obstacles, discussions around intent and more”

What was missing?: nothing.

Actionable recommendations: 4 of 5

Business or personal inspiration: 4 of 5

Podcatcher: Iphone podcasts app

Content Talks

content talks

No taxonomy is not something that you just learn about in biology class. Learn more about why it is important to digital marketing and content production without being too basic.

Reviewed by: Kali Simone

Episode: Content Talks 15: Seth Earley

Can be found at: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/5by5/content-talks

Length: 59min

Audience: digital marketers, basic SEO, Small business owners, Newbies to structured content.

Why should I listen to this episode: “It’s an excellent introduction to the importance of clear, usable taxonomy – mostly as it applies to content – without being too basic/101.”

What have you learned: “That taxonomy is another facet of digital marketing that needs to be considered throughout SEO, technical, strategy, and content work. I also learned about a few different attempts to unify taxonomy under one universal set of ‘rules,’ but that there still is no one “right” way to do it.”

What was missing: “I don’t think anything was missing… maybe suggestions where to go to learn more about the efforts of professionals and organizations to make one taxonomy to rule them all?”

Actionable recommendations: 3 of 5

Personal or business Inspiration: 4 of 5

Podcatcher: Sticher

Smart Passive Income

smart passive

If your anything like me, you’re always looking for a way to better utilize your time and optimize your processes. Well here is a great discussion on time management and getting started in automation even if you think your task or budget it too small!

Reviewed by: Megan Stubblebine

Episode: SPI 210: How to Automate Your Business to Save Time and Money.

Can be found at: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/podcasts/automate-business-save-time-make-money-dana-malstaff/

Length: 45min

Audience: digital marketers, small business owners, entrepreneurs.

Why should I listen to this episode: Gives great suggestions for not only automating your business but broadening the definition or automation and breaking apart the idea of work-life balance and giving some fresh perspective.

What did you learn?: not all automation has to be advanced marketing automation – maybe you are not ready for that, what are some ways to identify areas that could be automated by using simple tools such as Trello.

What was missing?: Not much, it was really just enough to get the wheels turning on how automation can work on a small scale.

Actionable recommendations: 3 of 5

Personal inspiration: 3 of 5

Podcatcher: Itunes podcast app

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